Italy Christmas Gift Guide 2015 {Gillian's Links}

I have been reading a lot of articles about how much more valuable experiences vs things are. This past summer my best college pal and I spent hours reading, discussing and putting into practice the Marie Kondo philosophy of less stuff and sparking joy. This years Italy Christmas Gift Guide is perfect for the last minute gift giver and anyone who is planning a trip to Italy. This year it’s all about an experience and not a physical thing.

Cook, Eat, Draw, Learn 

In Rome, book a cooking class with my pal Elizabeth's daughter Sophie, a food tour with Eating Italy  (you can eat with them in London, Amsterdam and other cities too) or a cooking class in Venice with my best Venetian pal Monica at Cook in Venice. 

Sketch tour with Kelly Medford Amble around Rome with my favorite artist and learn how to see things in a new way. Kelly will teach you how to sketch and paint what you see. 

VIP tour with Walks of Italy. I just took an in-depth visit of the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. The very best part? Our private visit to the House of Livia, which houses spectacularly well preserved and restored Pompeii style frescos. 

I know a book is a thing, but these two are worth it. (you could order the Kindle addition if you are really wedded to this no object line of thinking)

My pal Rachel Roddy's US version of Five Quarters of Rome is rebranded as My Kitchen in Rome.

Dream of Venice is a gorgeous collection of photographs and essays about dreamy, mysterious, bewitching Venice. 

Ok, this might not have anything to do with Italy but my boy's band Sleeping Lion latest song is available to purchase of iTunes or stream on Spotify. (Listens on Spotify are great, but downloads are even better, Here is why.) 

Take a look at my Christmas gift guides for 2014 2013 and 2012 too.


  1. Gillian- I love your list! I'm not sure how I missed it last month, but better late than never? ;) I am very intrigued by the Sketching Rome tour. I'll have to check that out next time I'm in town. Happy New Year to you! xx- Heather


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