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Summer in Rome {Gillian's Links}

Summer in Rome

Summer in Rome is filled with some of my favorite activities. All of them are outside, near historic monuments and all of them are free.


Summer Indulgences {Gillian's List of Links}

The summer heat has finally arrived here in Rome.


Best Gelato in Rome {Five Favorite Places}

The weather is finally heating up here in Rome and it is the time of year when an afternoon gelato becomes a daily habit.  It is difficult to chose, because there are certainly more than five favorite places to get gelato in Rome, but here goes. My five favorite places for a cold and creamy treat. 


Best Panini in Rome {Five Favorite Places}

Best Panini in Rome

Best Panini in Rome
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Florence is probably better known as the place for gourmet panini than Rome is, but there are some pretty good sandwiches to be found here in the eternal city. Here are my picks for the best panini in Rome. 


This Must be the Place {Gillian's List of Links}

La Grande Bellezza

I have talked about home before, and what a evasive, variable thing it can be for a longtime expat like me. 


Finally {Tacos in Rome + La Taqueria}

Ask an American expat in Rome what they miss most from the states and nine times out of ten the answer will be Mexican food.  For some reason, this is cuisine that has just not caught on here.  You can get good burgers, great cocktails and there was a even a cupcake craze here for a little while.  For whatever reason, there was no really good Mexican.  I am happy to say that has now changed.