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Cocktails in Venice {Grancaffe' Quadri}

Cocktails in Venice

Cocktails in Venice

As a general rule in Italy, if the view is spectacular the food and service will probably be mediocre. That doesn't mean that sometimes it's not worth the risk and extra euros and that sometimes you will be surprised.


Art with Friends {Venice Biennale-The Encyclopedic Palace-55th edition}

Venice Biennale-The Encyclopedic Palace-55th edition

Venice Biennale-The Encyclopedic Palace-55th edition

Recently I had the opportunity to go to Venice and indulge in two solid days of Biennale art viewing.  Now, I am not a contemporary art expert by any stretch of the imagination.  I did very little research since I was traveling with my own personal Wikipedia. I just hopped on a train north and took in as much as I was able to see. Here is a tiny taste from the pavilions and exhibits that I enjoyed in this 55th edition of the Venice Biennale. 


Amalfi Coast Travel Essentials App - Ready to Download!

My brand new app for iPhone, iPad and soon Android devices is ready to download!

It is filled with all of my favorites places to eat and lounge and shop in Positano and Capri and beyond. 

Download it today and enjoy my Amalfi Coast. 


Old Friends, New Places { Pizzeria ai Marmi + Trastevere }

Pizza in Rome

Pizza in Rome

When you are an expat, June and July are very busy months.  Graduations, weddings, friends visiting and the worst part of this life, goodbyes.  We have had many celebrations in the last few weeks, lots of visitors and are preparing ourselves as best we can, for the inevitable teary goodbyes.  

The good part about being an expat in Rome is people come back to visit. 


Summer in Rome - Part 2 {Giuda Ballerino on the Tevere }

Last week I talked about some of things that I love in Rome during summer. Here is another one.