Cocktails in Rome {Suburra 1930}

Cocktails in Rome

Cocktails in Rome

For some reason it is surprisingly difficult to get a good cocktail in Monti. All those articles claiming my neighborhood is so hip and trendy and the yet cocktail scene has been pretty much limited to a Negroni in the Piazza. Things are finally changing.

Last Saturday my pal Elizabeth sent me a text asking if Mark and I wanted to meet her and Domenico for a burger. That is a request I never say no to. Since it was Saturday and we live in what is billed as the hip and trendy neighborhood we though let's start with a cocktail and I remembered spotting an very well designed Art Deco style sign in a once abandoned corner near the Cavour Metro stop.

Suburra 1930 is a beautifully designed slice of grown up glamour in a sea of new places that have opened in the neighborhood who all seem to have gone to the same whitewashed Pottery Barn esthetic graphic and interior designer. Suburra 1930 is all green and gold and sparkly, everything is elegant and quiet. We waited at the bar while a table was cleared and surveyed the excellent selection of bourbons and breathed in the tang of citrus zest. Once we sat down a few plates of perfectly fried thin slices of vegetables and anchovies arrived while we studied the cocktail menu.

I chose an American Ginger, a complex mix of homemade ginger ale and Campari. Elizabeth's Suburra 1930 was the mixologists (that's what you call bartenders who have well tended beards and wear suspenders) take on a vodka gimlet, with a twist or two of freshly ground pepper and no cloying sweetness. Domenico's Tequila Sunrise was retro perfection. Each cocktail came in a different, beautiful glass.

We had our heart set on burgers, but after a long chat with the manager about his other restaurant in Gaeta and a peek at the menu, we all agreed that a return visit for cocktails and dinner very soon was a must.

Suburra 1930
Piazza della Suburra 13,14,15
Open for lunch and dinner Monday-Sunday

Cocktails in Rome


  1. Ohh great Monti's my neighborhood as well and you are so right about the cocktail situation, I'll check it out..where'd you go for the burger?

  2. Definitely plan on saving this!


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