Gillian Knows Best Substack Newsletter

I don't spend much time here on the blog anymore.

If you are looking for me, don't worry, I am still writing and taking pictures.

I post almost daily on Instagram. You can watch my stories and come along with me on walks through Rome and Venice, on museum visits, and having coffee (or wine or spritzes) with pals. 

I write a regular newsletter over on Substack. I post a new guide every week. The first guide of the month is free for all subscribers. Paid subscribers will get two additional detailed guides with a private Google map and a monthly Q&A with me. I highlight a museum exhibit every month. Sometimes I'll tell you what I am watching, listening to, and reading. Sometimes there is a Spotify playlist. There will be photographs I haven't posted anywhere else.

I am really enjoying it over there and the subscription fees from my readers contribute to me being able to create consistent and quality content for you.

Come on over! I would love to see you there!


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