Good Neighbors {Romeo + Rome} CLOSED Opening in a new Testaccio location in 2017

Having a famous food writer as a neighbor is a great thing. For example, of one of the great things is phone calls for impromptu lunches in the middle of the week. The next thing you know you are eating fois gras sandwiches and drinking glasses of sparkly franciacorta.

All in the name of research.

. Star chefs Cristina Bowerman and Fabio Spada of Glass, teamed up with the brothers Pierluigi and Alessandro Roscioli of their eponymous restaurant and bakery, to create Romeo.

Romeo is first of all a really top notch restaurant, with striking decor and extraordinary food It is also a spot for a quick slice of piazza bianca at 11:00am.  You can choose,  have an elegant multi-course meal or a quick sandwich at the bar.

You can read about all the delicious things we ate over on Elizabeth's blog.

But wait there's more!

One of the really terrific things about Romeo is the bakery and cheese counter at the front of the space. Stock up on hard to find English Stilton and Spanish iberico hams and French butter.

You know I will be back. There is a hamburger on the menu.

Via Silla 26/a
06 32 110 120

Open daily, 9am to Midnight. 

Parking garage right next door, validated at dinner.


  1. So, if I start calling you Tonto, does that mean we can start referring to the Smart as Silver?


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