Museums in Rome {Choistro del Bramante + Palazzo delle Esposizione}

Museums in Rome

The holidays are over. The days are cold. Lazy summer days feel very far away indeed. One of my favorite winter activities is a trip to a museum. While Noah was back in Rome for his school break we saw two terrific shows at two terrific museums in Rome.


This show is worth a visit for the exhibit space alone. The Chiostro del Bramante is stunning all on it's own. Filled with dizzying Escher lithographs and prints it is even better. The most interesting part of the show for me? I had no idea that the Dutch artist had lived here in Rome.

Choistro del Bramante
Until February 22, 2015


Math-nerd or math-phobic, this exhibit has something for both and everyone in between. Complicated calculating machine, ancient Babylonian tablets, and even one of Germany's Enigma machines are all part of this very interesting show about numbers. Numbers as idea, theory, culture are all presented with hands on interactive elements. I had to drag Noah away from the step sequencer. 

As an added bonus there is another exhibit upstairs  called the Future of Food. There are 90 National Geographic photographs depicting challenge of feeding our planet. If you are curious about what Mark does all day at the office, this will help with that.

Palazzo delle Esposizione
Until May 31 2015

Extra credit: Go see The Imitation Game playing in english on a few screens in town or soon available on iTunes. 

Museums in Rome


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