Movies in Original Language in Rome

Movies in Rome

Readers of my blog (and anyone who knows me) know that I love going to the movies. I would go every day if I could. Or at the very least once a week. That is not so easy here in Rome where most films are dubbed. I can't bear it; The strange timing, the voices are all wrong, the whole dubbing thing is an abomination and gives me a headache. I would much rather read subtitles.

Since the tragic shuttering of the Metropolitan years ago, finding a film in English or original language is like a game of whack-a-mole. Just when it seems like one theater has signed onto the whole version originale thing they abruptly stop (Greenwich theater in Testaccio I am looking at you.) The winter months are usually a boon for great film going with new offerings almost every week. Here are my favorite places and a few resources for finding original language movies in Rome.

Nuovo Olimpia
Via in Lucina 16/g

This small theater just off the via del Corso almost always has both its screens showing films in original language.

Cinema Multisala Barberini
Piazza Barberini 24/25/26

I love going to a movie here. There are big theaters with comfy seats and the best thing of all, a concessions counter with popcorn and m&ms.

There are a few other theaters that regularly screen films in original language. These websites will help you track them down. Films are released on Thursdays and these sites usually have updated information by late Thursday morning.

In Rome Now

Rome Review

La Repubblica

Movies in Rome


  1. By the way, there are many movies shown "in original language" in Rome everywhere, every day. Italian movies, that is.


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