Eating in Rome {Ristorante Babette}

Where to eat in Rome

Where to eat in Rome

This is a year of transitions. 

Good friends have moved to far away lands and embarked on exciting new projects. The Teenager is filling out college applications and adding to his senior year resume. We are preparing to go from a tight-knit unit of three to just two. 

All this change brings new opportunities too. New families move to Rome. New work presents itself and old standbys evolve. 

A spot I often bring newcomers to Rome is in a hidden corner at the start of the pretty via Margutta. The lunchtime buffet (I know I have said I am not a fan of the buffet lunch, but until recently this was my only only exception) was one of the best lunch deals in town (second only to my closer to home choice, L'Asino D'Oro.) 

So when I was making lunch plans with new arrival to Rome and was faced with the explanation that my favorite lunch buffet had changed it's format, I despaired.  

I shouldn't have. The new system is in many ways even better than the old buffet format. (which is still available for €28) There are choices of a meat, chicken, fish or vegetable plate that includes a small bowl of soup and water for €14. You pick what kind of protein you crave that day and that's it. A plate of beautifully fresh and varied food is brought to you, leaving you free to chat with a new friend and enjoy a rare afternoon away from the computer. 

See, change is good.

Babette Ristorante 

Via Margutta 1d
06 3211559


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