Shopping in Rome {Closet}

The other day I had a errand to run in the swanky neighborhood.  I love going over there and wandering into the Coppede, with it's fantastical architecture and some surprisingly intact street art.

I had planned a stop at Natalizi, where all I will say is that they have a glazed, cream filled doughnut that rivals a Krispy Kreme, or maybe a visit to La Taqueria for an authentic steak taco.  What I definitely did not have planned was shopping for designer clothes.

I finished my errand and was heading to the Salario Mercato to browse the bancarellas for cheap sweaters and kitchenware when I passed Closet.  Inside this friendly space was a bonanza of beribboned Marni jackets, teal Chloe ballerinas, A perfect Prada A-line skirt.  All in perfect condition.  All very affordable.

And then I spied an orange box.  At just the right price.  Before I knew it,  a perfect Hermes scarf was in a bag and going home with me.

Errands done, luxury goods and a sugar fix.  It was a very good day.

via Metauro 55

I just downloaded this app to practice with my new purchase.


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