Wine Tasting in Rome {Rimessa Roscioli}

Wine Tasting in Rome  {Rimessa Roscioli}

I love a celebration. I love it even more if someone else does all the planning and organizing. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be in on a fun surprise for a dear friend that included very little planning and organizing on my part and lots of wine and good food. 

Tucked into a side street around the corner from the well known Roscioli deli (a source for cheddar cheese in Rome) and restaurant is the Rimessa Roscioli. A hidden space of walls full of books and wine bottles and plenty of tables and chairs for a festive and informative wine tasting.

Roscioli’s top sommelier Alessandro Pepe holds public and private wine events in this cozy space. The night we visited he criss-crossed Italy's wine regions and presented eight different wines that ranged from a crisp white from Campania that he served with fresh burrata and mozzarella to a Sicilian red that was rich with scents of Etna's volcanic ash.  We tried Tuscan reds and alpine whites.  We ate cheeses and salamis produced in the same regions as the wines bringing out the best in both the wine and the food.  There was even a plate of Roscioli's amatriciana, one of my favorites in town because it is made with an abundance of crunchy, crispy guianciale.  Dessert was a massive sheet of mille feuille studded with chocolate and served with the most delicious dessert wine I have ever tasted.  It was sparkly and sweet, but not too sweet.  I think the label probably has something to do with how delicious it was.  

There are regular events at Rimessa Roscioli that are to the public. Sign up for the newsletter to find out what is coming up next.   

It is also available to book for a private celebration, which I highly recommend.

Rimessa Roscioli
Via di San Salvatore in Campo


  1. This is indeed so fabulous! Oh my I just hope I could experience a wine tasting event sooner. This wine tasting experience is incredible. Wine tasting events like this is something amazing. It's like a festivity of wines and wine fanatics. The foods are fantastic as well. Thanks for sharing this awesome article.


  2. It was a great night indeed! So glad that you could be a part of it. I want to go back and do another. Another, where my heart rate is not settling from the shock of surprise!


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