Summer's End {Tree Bar +Rome}

Summer came to kind of an abrupt end this year.   There was a burst of thunder and then came the rain and gray skies, ending months of relentless heat overnight.  Of course the sun came back and Rome is now at her early Autumn loveliest, but the first cool, gray days were much appreciated.

On a recent rainy Sunday, A last trip to the beach was out of the question, the Teenager was in Bologna and the city was still somewhat empty, meaning it was still easy to drive and park. 

An exhibit at the GNAM was closing soon, so off towards Villa Borghese we went. 

We ended up the Tree Bar, a chic spot in the Flaminia neighborhood with a sleek mid-century vibe.  Completely empty at 1:00, It filled up fast with tanned returning Roman vacationers with lots of kissing and bentornato's.

We chose a Tuscan craft beer and the Tagliata di Fassona and of course, a hamburger.  

This place has so many things going for it.  The food was great, all of the condiments were organic, the olive oil is produced especially for them, It is open all week long, throughout the day, there is great outside space and if you have little kids there is a nice playground right there. In the evening there is live music and cocktails! 

Now the city is full again and parking spaces are few, we will hop on the tram and visit again soon.


Tree Bar
Via Flaminia, 226
3265 2754
Mon:6:30 pm-1:00 am
Tue - Sun:11:30 am-3:00 pm6:00 pm-1:00 am


  1. I was tempted once in June but was told it wasn't yet opened (and it was a Friday at 17:40 or so...) so I did not hink it was open all day.
    It's a good break when walking back from the MAXXI.

  2. @natalie Thanks for that info. I have added the correct hours.


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