{Orvieto Quick Picks} - Sweet and Salty

During our recent escape from the Roman heat wave to the Villa Torre Alfina, we ventured over to nearby Orvieto to drop in on friends Steve and Linda (with the fabulous addition of Shelley

Here are a few my top picks in this pretty Umbrian town.



Do not miss the chocolate hazelnut squares that are just the right combination of sweet and chocolate and salt.  Other stand outs are the lavender truffles and seasonal delights; In summer, Gelato (the more is the best I have had. anywhere.) and in winter an exemplary cup of hot chocolate.  Make sure to say yes to the "con panna" (whipped cream) on top. Yes, I mean that for both the gelato and the hot chocolate. 

Wild Boar and More

From the grand Piazza Duomo head down the via Del Duomo in the direction of via del Corso.  All along this stretch there is a bounty of delis with almost impossible to choose from selections of pecorino cheese and salami.  Stop at Dai Fratelli Batalocco.  A luxurious gift to pack in the suitcase is a small bottle of locally produced truffle scented oil or honey.  

The nearby L'Orvietan another perfect gift stop.  Pick from handwoven dishtowels and tablecloths, local liquers and olive wood products. 

Our perennial lunch pick is Oste del Re

Pappardelle or polenta di cinghiale is the local speciality.  The beef is also excellent.  If you are not that hungry a plate of salami and cheese with a glass of Orvieto classico is perfect. 



There are two locations to chose from for this fantastic gelato.  My pick is the one just to side of of the Duomo.  Sit on the stairs in the winter sunshine or hide from the summer sun and gaze at the golden mosaics and renaissance stripes.  Some don't miss summer flavors are the mint chocolate chip (a difficult flavor to find in italy) and peach.


Corso Cavour 78

Dai Fratelli Batalocco
via del Duomo 11

Oste del Re
Corso Cavour 58

Piazza del Duomo 1
Corso Cavour 56 


  1. Oh, that gorgeous pasta! I almost licked my screen. Thanks for the tips!


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