A Detour {Ravello}

There have been terrible fires on the Amalfi Coast this summer. I hear it happens every year. It was terrible to smell the smoke and step in ash and watch the helicopters and planes go back and forth from the sea to mountain. For five days.
There was a silver lining to the disruption it caused. As you may have heard we are creatures of habit. So of course that means we usually take the same route, stop at the same places, you know the drill. This trip there were flashing signs all over the Autostrade that the first exit to Positano was closed. that meant we had to take the long way around. I know, First World Problems.

Friends have been telling us we really must go to Ravello. I smile and say I hear it's lovely and immediately head straight for Da Adolfo and the jug of white wine and peaches and never leave the lettino.

Marco the driver picked another road into Positano and we found ourselves in the fabled Ravello.

It really is very pretty.
Gardens in Villa Rufolo
Stop for a glass of lemon juice and maybe a pastry

Main Piazza
Teenage Dreaming

Fires above Positano 
Firefighting plane


  1. I have so many beautiful memories of Ravello, including a meal of freshly pulled buffalo mozzarella straight from its ice water bath. Thanks for the pretty pictures!


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