Autumn Escape {Ostia in November}

I am a summer girl. When the days grow shorter and colder I can't help but long for the August heat and a day spent at Da Adolfo.

There are a great many good things about living in Rome. Being close to the sea and mild weather are two of my favorites.

While the locals are in warm puffy jackets and boots and tights, the mid November Estate San Martino brings sunshine and spring-like temperatures.

Last week I could not bear the thought of another day spent in front of my computer missing out on the good weather. Knowing the gray, cold days are fast approaching, I got up extra early, finished my work in record time, and then hopped on the train and headed to the beach.

I took a long walk

The author doesn't always love the beachy sunshine, but her readers do. 
Read a great book

Zuppe de Cozze

Had a delicious lunch (and was kept company by a far away friend.)

Mimi (not ours - she has many, many more years until this milestone ) was celebrating 100 years. Auguri! 
Zuppe - Before and After
Blue skies and Liberty Architecture 
Afternoon coffee at the Milk Bar

Browsing Rome was right  - This gelato is incredible 

Stopped for coffee and gelato (maple syrup pecan gelato that is!) 

It was a very good day.


Ostia is within easy reach of Rome. Take the light rail train for about 25 minutes from the Piramide metro/Ostiense train stop.

Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli, 119 
333 5700541

Milk Bar
Via dei Misenati, 22-24

Riva Reno
Via Stazione Vecchia, 10/12


  1. Ostia is a such a close getaway!! Next time you should try this recently opened gelateria..."Il Gelatone" di Ilia!!

  2. @Spacedlaw- if you thought Come il Latte was good...mama mia!

    @Valerio - great tip - can't wait to try it


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