Beer and Burgers {Rome}

I was running some errands across the river in Prati the other day and passed by this spot in Piazza Risorgimento. Ever in search of a good hamburger in Rome, it was near enough to lunchtime so I stopped.

I ordered a beer and a burger - made from chianina beef and cooked New York diner style from behind the counter. The rolls are homemade with a nice crunch. The burger was cooked perfectly, my only disagreement was the cheddar cheese was sadly Kraft slice style. The crisp and hoppy draught ale that was suggested was exactly what I wanted.  The service is hip and friendly and there is a great craft beer and interesting sandwich and hamburger selection.

Piazza Risorgimento 11
06 39031327


  1. That is an important litmus test for any location - a great beer and burger. It's one of the keys to happiness.

  2. You're always off eatin' burgers without me!

  3. as stated previously, Prati is getting better and better ;) thanks for sharing this!


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