Sunshine, Pasta and Books {Da Enzo + Rome}

My pal Estelle was in town recently presenting her newly published book Finding Rome on the Map of Love.  

She arrived a few days before her events and we managed to spend a luxuriously long day catching up with coffee in sunny piazzas and browsing in favorite bookstores and most importantly enjoying some real Roman food, Something Estelle doesn't see much of in Geneva.

I rarely cross over the river into Trastevere, so I only have a handful of places that I know and can count on.  Da Enzo is one of them.  I have written about this charmer before, but it was years ago.  It is possible that is it even better now.

Still small and loud and crowded.  And, that is still a good thing.  The fried artichoke is still a standout.  The ingredients are the very best, Paolo Parisi eggs, IGP Guanciale from Amatrice, DOP Pecorino Romano 

We had Carbonara and Gricia and Tiramisu. All of them outstanding, The pasta was perfectly cooked, the guanciale crunchy and crispy (that's the way I like it) and the tiramisu was wonderfully creamy and custard-eggy.  The side vegetable dish of cicoria was bright and green and very spicy 

The service is charming and generous, with owner Francesco offering tastes of homemade pistachio gelato from the freezer and bracing shots of bitter amaro digestivo.

I should cross over more often 

Estelle at her reading at The Beehive


Da Enzo
via dei Vascellari 29
 06 58 12 260

Finding Rome on the Map of Love 

You can get copies of Estelle's wonderful book for your kindle here or, as an actual printed on paper copy, by emailing the author here: 
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  1. Oh, as they say in French, this restaurant sounds like it is "à tomber!" Making a note in my growing notebook for my next trip to Rome.

  2. HI Gillian da Enzo is my favorite too! I am doing a reading with Estelle Jobson in Rome on the 21st of November would be great if you could come. .here is the info below! Book reading and signing with authors
    Estelle Jobson and Catherine Tondelli

    Centro di Prodotti Tradizionali e Tipici C/o Cecilia Cicerchia Piazza S. ignazio 144 Roma 00186

    Time: 5.30 pm until 7.00 pm
    Description of event: 15 minute book reading and Q&A afterwards with Estelle and Catherine:

    Three Coins in the Fountain by Catherine Tondelli:

    After finally getting her ex-husband out of the house, a dynamic, American career woman wins a trip to Italy for two, brings her mother along and winds up tossing three coins into Rome's Trevi fountain, wishing for love and the guarantee of a return to wonderful, romantic Italy. Little did she know that those coins would lead to a new job, a new home, and a new life with a handsome Italian who lived with his mother until he was 35 years old. A hilarious story of a cross-cultural romance, 10 siblings, two Siamese cats, hundreds of trips, a few handy saints and a fun-loving mother who could spot a good thing when she saw it. Author Catherine Tondelli brings a whole new depth to tales of cross-cultural romance and mid-life changes across the background that is Bell' Italia. She embarks on an international adventure as seen through a mother's eyes and the hardship of raising 11 kids after dad leaves them high and dry in downtown Chicago. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a story of survival, love, kismet and what awaits those who can toss off their past as easily as tossing a few coins in a fountain. If you liked Bridget Jones Diary, Eat, Pray, Love or My big fat Greek wedding, you will love Three Coins in the Fountain.
    Finding Rome on the Map of Love by Estelle Jobson:

    A sparkling travel narrative of a 30-something woman taking a year to configure herself in Italy, exploring modern Rome, old-fashioned Italy, and love.
    Estelle has an admirable career in publishing and a hectic, yet rich life. When her Italian diplomat boyfriend gets posted to Rome, she throws it all up to accompany him. There, she reinvents herself as Signora Stella, a casalinga (housewife) on the city’s highest hill, Monte Mario. Starting in autumn, she muses on life amongst the Italians and cycles through the seasons and sentiments of the Italian psyche. Signora Stella commences and ends at the same place: Follie, the local hairdresser run by Salvatore, a gay Neapolitan. This book captures a year’s worth of quirky, humorous, vivid observations about life amongst the Italians.


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