Another Day Another Burger {Rome}

Another day another burger

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?   

There are hamburger spots popping up all over town.  Last week my pal Heather and I tried one of the newest on the scene.

If you love typography, this place is the mother load.  Every surface is covered with some kind of beautiful type. 

With an American in the kitchen I arrived with high hopes.  I had tried a very pretty place in Prati where the same chef had also worked years ago and been happy enough, not returning being more about geography than anything else. 

The buns are homemade and quite good.  Not as soft and squishy as Ham Holy and not as crunchy as Open Baladin.  My burger was perfectly cooked and had great flavor.  There is a long list of topping choices like caramelized onions and bacon and a variety of cheese.  Unfortunately the cheddar choice is again the plasticky kind.  

Dessert choices were brownies and cookies and American style cheesecake.  The cheesecake was a winner, with an authentic graham cracker crust and a dense, delicious tang.  Not a trace of Italian style ricotta in there.  In a recent Facebook update I spied a cake plate piled high with cupcakes.  And for homesick expats, there is an extensive Starbucks style coffee and tea menu with take-out options. 

There are still a few places I have left to try.  When are you free Elizabeth

Hamburgeseria // Burger-Bar //
via del Teatro del Pace
333/9631319 - 340/5950441
Open from 10 am 


  1. Erica was telling me about this place. She neglected to mention the word cheesecake.

    It looks amazing. I wonder if I could get a piece of it to go.

  2. I'm ashamed to admit I LIKE that plastic orange cheese on my burger... it's so satisfyingly salty. This burger looks juice and meaty. A noté for when cravings strike in Rome.

  3. Tried this yesterday. Did not quite like the bread - it tastes good but falls apart which meakes for even messier eating than usual - and the chips I got weren't stellar (too fat for my poor stomach who hates fried food).
    But I loved that the burgers are modular (you can add as much or as little as you want) - and I found the meat good. The beer was good and the waiter really cute. Oh, and the typography is great.


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