Dining with stars {Metamorfosi + Rome}

Roughly every three years or so, Dear Husband and I have lunch together during the week.   

Metamorfosi has long been on to try list, but the list of excuses was longer. It's in Parioli, a part of town I rarely venture too. It's quite fancy and gourmet and and DH is about as far from a foodie as a person can be, yadda, yadda, yadda. I just hadn't gotten around to it.

The Rome Restaurant Week promotion provided the perfect combo of price and opportunity so I convinced DH to take a rare long lunch and off to Parioli we ventured.

There was a set menu, which I love. As the designated "decider" in the family, having plates of food and glasses of wine just appear in front of me is the height of luxury for me. 

This is what appeared

A kind of deconstructed carbonara comprised of an egg at exactly 60 degrees in a creamy, cheesy sauce and on the side to offset that silkiness, crisp deep fried pasta and salty pork rinds. 

Risotto with a parsley emulsion and snails  - We both practically licked the plate clean.

Rolled lamb shoulder with fennel chips and fennel puree - The lamb was tender and sweet.I loved the crunch of the fennel chips.

A tiny bite of blue cheese covered in white chocolate  - creamy and sweet with just a hint of blue cheese.

We did decide to order dessert a la carte

Always one for the fruit option (He once famously returned with just a banana from a buffet heaving with chocolate desserts ) DH chose a creation of rhubarb, cardamom and apple accompanied by a glass of calvados that brought out every complex flavor of both the dessert and the digestivo.

My choice of was more quotidian but still delicious, chocolate and coffee and hazelnuts are always a good combo.  The contrast of hot and cold and creamy and crunchy was excellent. 

But wait there's more!

Three small tastes of chocolate and fruit gelee and cake finished off this rare, decadent, dining adventure. 

Just yesterday, the very deserving team, earned a Michelin star. 

Via Giovanni Antonelli 30/32


  1. I think we should start a gourmet girls lunch club. Why wait 3 years for the opportunities like this?

    1. And that's how Julia Child met her collaborators ( I'm reading the new biog right now). Do it so we can eat vicariously through you!

  2. It's brilliant that you BOTH had such a great time of it.

  3. You DO realize that the 910 bus from Termini will deposit you 5 metres away from the door, don't you?

  4. Looks divine except I'm not sure about deep-fried pasta. Will put the restaurant on my list for next fall.

  5. I keep reading about this place. Since it is my 'hood I need to go.


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