Best Beach Clubs in Italy

best beaches in Italy

best beaches in Italy

It is summer in Italy and for me (and most Italians) that means going to the beach. Going to the beach in Italy is a little different than going to beach in most other places. You won't find boardwalks or salt water taffy here. What we do have are something called stabilimenti balneari, which kind of translates to beach club. 

Most popular beach destinations in Italy are filled with these stabilimenti. You can find "free" beaches (the Cancelli at the far edges of Ostia, the Maremma in Tuscany or the island of Sardegna are a great places if wild empty beaches are more your style) Me, I am a stabilimenti girl. I like the order of the chairs and umbrellas all lined up. I like the restaurants and snack options. I like a clean bathroom. 

Read on for some of my picks for the beach beach clubs in Italy. 

Rome is really close to the beach. We go all the time. Summer, winter, spring, fall; any time of year can make for a good beach day as many places are open for lunch on weekends.

Paradise Beach
Via Monti dell’Ara 425 Maccarese
+39 06 6671451

We come here in February, we celebrate Feragosto here, we celebrate mothers and fathers day here, we come here pretty much all year long.

Adriana and Gaetano are back in the kitchen again at this Stabilimento located at the very end of the road in Maccarese.

Classics like spaghetti alle vongole and grilled fish and friturra di moscardini are always our lunch choice here. The grilled fish choices change daily depending on what is fresh at the market. 
Adriana’s apple strudel is delicious or if it’s too hot for pastry, a large slice of watermelon, getting larger and larger as the season progresses, or an icy sgroppino and you are ready for a post-prandial nap under your umbrella.

If you don't feel like a big lunch, in summer the bar is open with cappuccino and cornetto in the morning and fresh salads and sandwiches in the afternoon. Make sure to reserve that fruit cup you see, they go quick!

Vecchia Pineta
Piazza dell'Aquilone, 4
Lido di Ostia

The words Ostia and elegant don't usually go together, but at this old school establishment right in the middle of the lungomare is where you will find it. Crisp table cloths and white coated waiters in a hushed art deco dining room are the perfect respite from Roman beach chaos. You might recognize the beach club with it's white washed wooden huts and sun deck from Woody Allen's film To Rome with Love.

Singita Miracle Beach
via Silvi Marina, Fregene
This is one of our late summer indulgences. In August when the pace is slow, the days long and the office hot, we leave town early and head for Fregene to the barefoot glamour of Singita Beach.

Toast the sunset with the special Singita ceremony, pitchers of mint filled mojitos to be shared, salty crispy flatbread on chairs, blankets and couches spread out in the sand.


Bagni Tiberio
Via Palazzo a Mare, 41

Bagni Tiberio is the perfect choice for a quick and easy Capri beach day. If you are coming on a day trip, as soon as you arrive, find the pier just to the right of the ferry ticket booths and make a reservation for beach chairs (lettini) and book a table for lunch.

Lido del Faro
Località Punta Carena, Anacapri

Located directly under the Punta Carena lighthouse and perched on the rocks above the sea, Lido del Faro is one of the few places near the Amalfi Coast where you can catch the sunset. Lounge, swim in the saltwater pool, dine, cocktail and lounge some more and this relaxing beach club with impeccable service. 


Da Adolfo
via Laurito 40
Da Adolfo is a little rustic and the pebble beach is a little small, but Da Adolfo is big on charm. 
Look for the small wooden boat with the red fish at the main port in Positano, and you soon be on your way for a lazy, delicious day.

via Fornillo 10

A laid-back beach bar on Positano quiet Fornillo beach where you can just have a quick sandwich and an ice cream or sit down and pick from a few made daily specials. The marinated anchovies and the Positano style Caponata salad are particularly wonderful. 

Da Enzo di Frontone
Spiaggia di Frontone,
+39 339 2060408

Frontone beach is a quick water taxi ride away from the port in Ponza. The beach club attached to the excellent restaurant also known as Sola a Vela is built around a Roman era fish farm. That ancient structure is now used as a shallow pool where kids can splash, while the grown-ups lounge on the rocks above. 

best beaches in Italy

best beaches in Italy

best beaches in Italy

Best beaches in Italy

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  1. I had a wonderful lunch at Vecchia Pineta last year - what a great place! LOVED the Art Deco details and eating scampi while watching the sea always makes me a happy girl!

  2. Thanks for these tips! We honeymooned in Positano and Capri eleven years ago... I need to go back with your suggestions in hand. I can't BELIEVE we missed Da Adolfo!


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