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A Boozy Lunch {Bancovino + Rome}

I'm a sucker for a good font.  A new enoteca located deep in the Prati neighborhood got my attention with it's simple graphics and nicely designed website.  On one of the first warm afternoons this spring I crossed the river and met a friend, to see if the good taste in design translated into a good lunch. 

We didn't really look at the menu and just took the suggestion of a cold bottle of white La Colombera wine that was brought to us with cheese and pears from the same estate. 

Since it was (finally) so warm outside, we chose a plate of steak tartare.  I often joke with my midwestern born, well done steak loving, husband,  that I like my steaks  (and burgers) still mooing.  You can't really get much rarer than tartare.  The kitchen was so proud of the beef that they insisted we first taste it unadulterated, before we mixed in the Tabasco, Worcestershire, onion, and mustard.  

I am not one who usually has wine with lunch, but now I am thinking all those people on Mad Men, knocking back daytime cocktails may just be on to something.

via Pietro Borsieri, 27
+39 06 87673864

Monday 10.30 - 16.00
Tuesday-Saturday 10.30 - 00.00
Closed Sunday


  1. What? No picture of the font itself?

  2. The steak tartare looks delicious, but I'm now dreaming of pears, cheese and wine from the same estate. How heavenly!

  3. The food looks fantastic! Amazing pics -- you can practically taste all those awesome flavors!