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When worlds collide. {Shopping in Rome + Agadez}

I have had many homes. One of the places I have lived the longest was in Africa. I lived in Africa for a long time. Roughly 15 years in both west and Southern Africa.

During my years in Niamey I met my husband, had a child and spent many many hours on straw mats drinking tea with Tuarag jewelers.

Last month one of my best friends from our eight years in Zimbabwe was in town. We caught up on years of news, celebrated important birthdays, gazed at art and shopped.

One of the shopping requests was a visit to a small shop near the coliseum, Agadez.

Zakaria is a Tuarag artisan from the town of Agadez in northern Niger, which is located at the start of the vast Saraha desert, who now lives in Rome.

His shop is filled with beautiful jewelry that is handcrafted in Agadez by Tuarag artisans using Italian sterling silver. He also carries bright west African bolts of fabrics and colorful mats that are perfect for a Roman terrace or beach trip.

Stop by when you are in the neighborhood and experience some Tuarag hospitality in the shadow of the colosseum.

Via di San Giovanni in Laterano 52
Monday-Saturday 15:30 - 19:30
Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 - 13:30

06 7009516

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  1. Amazing looking pics! Love your blog & just bookmark your blog for more explore! Thnx.