Best Sweets in Rome {Five Favorite Places}

I have a wicked sweet tooth.  I am sure I got it from my grandmother, Ethel, who always had Halloween sized milky way bars stashed in the freezer and covered crystal bowls of lemon drops in the gown-ups only living room. For me a meal can hardly be counted as complete if it does not end in dessert.  

These are my five favorite places for something sweet in Rome.

De Bellis
This is the new kid on the block.  Taking over the space once held by the Perfect Bun Bakery, this sleek update has made me forget about wanting a cupcake.  The elegant pastries are more French modern in style than rustic Italian and they have best salted chocolate sables in town.  Incredibly friendly service and a place to sit only add to the charm.

Piazza del Paradiso, 56/57

Closed Mondays

I love this place so much that when I have errands nearby, I schedule them for a Tuesday the only day of the week when this classic Roman pastry shop is closed. I can not resist the Bavarese. Ever.

Via dello Statuto, 60

Closed Tuesdays

La Dolce Roma
The Austrian trained pastry chef here bakes rich and chewy brownies. Other standouts are carrot cake, pretzels and key lime pie.  There are two small tables where you can sit inside. In winter, there is excellent hot chocolate.

Via del Portico d'Ottavia, 20/b
Closed Monday and Sunday afternoons

Cristalli di Zucchero
This very pink spot, not far from FAO, has some of the the best pastries in town. If I am feeling healthy, a fresh squeezed spremuta d'arancia and a bagel sandwich hit the spot.  

On a Sunday morning, before you dive into the Circo Massimo Farmers Market fortify yourself with a cappuccino and a better than average breakfast pastry.

If you have a dinner party and you need to impress, this is a terrific place to get dessert.  Bring beautifully presented tiny squares of cheesecake, carrot cakes and brownies (there are also traditional Italian delights and french macarons) to wow your guests with sweet international flair.

Via di San Teodoro, 88

Pasticceria “Boccione” Limentani
I had avoided this place for years.  Intimidated by the crowds and the gruff Roman ladies at the counter. Now I elbow my way to the front for my favorite ricotta and chocolate tart.  Sometimes I get a piece of the viscole (sour cherry) and ricotta tart instead, because cherries are fruit. Right? 

Via del Portico d'Ottavia, 1

Closed Saturdays


  1. I just stopped by De Bellis for the first time today. There are so friendly. They gave me a free cookies to try out. I will be back!

  2. i completely agree on all five places! I would love to add one more, if I may: Cavalletti

    I see you cover mostly places around the centro storico, but there is actually more to discover .. I am embarking on regular trips to unknown neighbourhoods just to experience new Rome - and it is working :)

    I really enjoy reading your blog, so thank you so much for the great work.

    1. @Waltzing Matilda. Thank you.

      Oh Cavalletti! That is a fabulous place. I just love the Mille Feuille there.

      I really should try and leave my neighborhood more, I was not far from Cavaletti just yesterday, but I resisted a visit :)


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