TV for Washington Wonks {Gillian's List of Links}

I am a long time Washington policy geek. I went to college in DC, where the moniker - wonk  - is adopted with pride. I  studied political science. Our DVD's of the entire seven seasons of the West Wing are in danger of wearing out. I am a news junkie who watches CSpan for fun.

I haven't lived in Washington for a long time, but I am always homesick for it. Here are 3 ways I get my fictional DC fix.

House of Cards

Released by Netflix  in a way that encourages binge watching,  I loved this dark, slightly campy take on Washington. It is what Revenge should have been before it descended into just plain bad TV. I read somewhere House of Cards described as "The West Wing without the optimism." Perfect. 

Game Change

This chilling look at how close we came to having Sarah Pain as the Vice President of the United Sates is a must see.


This 30 minute HBO comedy is funny and bleak at the same time. It is full of petty personalities, personal interest and a hilariously desperate desire for power. I can't wait to watch season 2.


  1. I am not a policy fanatic but I LOVE Veep! Julia Louis-Dreyfus is brilliant in this show. I laughed when I saw pictures of her at the White House Correspondents Dinner :)


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