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Kapalicarsi Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Ikat Pillow designs Istanbul

It all starts to look the same after a little while, colorful kilims and silky ikat, sparkly jewels and trashy tourist T-shirts and scarves.  How do you sift through the kitsch and find the good stuff?   My traveling companions (a husband and a teenager) are not serious shoppers so I had to be strategic and pretty fast about it. So fast I didn't get a chance to take many pictures! 

Grand Bazaar

I somehow remembered how to find Abdulla from when were were in Istanbul three years ago. I stocked up on soaps here.

Alibaba Türbe Sokak 25, Nuruosmaniye
Tel. +90 212 526 3684

I wanted a stack of thin, elegant, woven pestemals for this summer’s beach lounging. Mourath Pasha had a great selection and great prices.

Mourath Pasha 
Ressam Basmacılar sk.No:34-36
Kapalıçarşı - ISTANBUL
Telefon : +90 212 526 74 77

In the charming and eclectic Empress Zoe hotel, the cozy sitting room was filled with these colorful pillows that I just loved. I found mine at Deregözü in the Grand Bazaar. 

Terlikçiler Sokak No:50
Kapalıçarşı / İstanbul
Tel: +90 212 520 90 97

Arasta Bazaar

The very chill owner of Arasta 79 has one of the best shops in Istanbul. Ikat sacarves, knotted silk jewelry strung with chunky jewels, delicate crochet strings of flowers, pestemals in every weave and color, bright Suzani and Uzbeki ceramics. If you have time for only one stop, this should be it.

Arasta 79
Arasta Çarşı No:79


The dried fruits and nuts for sale at the very elegant İlgi Kuruyemiş Evi seem more like jewelry than snack food. Choose from four different types of pistachios. A strong ziploc is included to keep your purchase fresh.

İlgi Kuruyemiş Evi
Erenköy Mahallesi
Bağdat Caddesi No:324

We thought we were doing the exchange rate wrong when we looked at the prices of honey in this small shop that we passed on our way to have lunch at Çiya in Kadiköy on the Asian side. We were mot mistaken, this honey really does cost that much. Learn from our mistake and make sure you are flying directly to your destination or are checking your bags if you decide to invest in this liquid gold, it is considered a liquid.

Etabal Honey
Etabal Arı Ürünleri
Güneşli Bahçe Sk. No:28/A

Abdulla Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Mouth Pasha Pestemals Bazaar Istanbu

İlgi Kuruyemiş Evi Kadikoy Istanbul

Etabal Honey Kadikoy Istanbul


  1. Oh no, I hope you didn't lose your honey! Thanks for the addresses -- I would love to have a heap of Turkish pillows on my sofa.

  2. @ann - sadly yes, Swiss border control confiscated my honey. I will just have to go back! My stack of colorful Turkish pillows is making me very very happy.


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