Lunch with the Girls {Rokko + Rome}

You would think living 200 meters away from your friends would mean you see them often. May run into them at the vegetable market?  See them at the neighborhood bar?  For some inexplicable reason, with my friend Siena, this is not the case.  I never. ever. run into her.  It's really kind of nuts.  

Thankfully our other neighbor, Elizabeth took things into her own hands last week and organized a lunch for all of us to see each other in person instead of just via email.  We decided to venture far from our Monti neighborhood all the way to Piazza del Popolo to a Japanese spot I had long heard about but never visited. 

There are lots of places to find sushi in Rome these days.  There are only a few places to find good sushi in Rome.  Rokko is Japanese owned and managed.  It is one of the best lunch secrets in town.  The lunch fixed menu of soup, salad and sushi (with not an egg or mayonnaise filled piece of maki in sight) comes to all of €15.  

The peaceful, zen-like space almost makes you feel like you have spent an hour at the spa.  An hour with good girlfriends and a healthy, delicious lunch is almost the same thing.

Passeggiata di Ripetta, 15 
(+39) 06 3223414


  1. Nice pictures of great food !

  2. I went there a while back for dinner, it was a dead night, and honestly I did not find the sushi fresh at all. The maki (rolls) were tiny, we had a hard time getting full, and the bill was the final slap! Maybe it has improved, but I would choose Hamasei over Rokko.

  3. How disappointing that your dinner experience was not great. Our lunch was really fantastic, fresh and plentiful.


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