Friday Night Lights {BarTaruga + Giggetto + Rome}

Eating in Rome

The other evening we were in invited to a very grown up cocktail party. There were lots of beautiful people in a beautiful apartment saying lots of smart interesting things. It was a wonderful start to an early spring weekend. I had little else planned for the evening, which is very unlike me. We headed back towards home, strolling through the shuttered ghetto and decided to have a quick drink and a late supper.

Our first stop was the trippy BarTaruga. Psychedelic lights, strong drinks and kissing teenagers in dark corners make this one of my favorite spots. On warm nights you can perch on wobbly stools next to the turtle fountain.

It was Friday, so much of the ghetto was closed for Shabbat, but perennial favorite Giggetto is always open and always busy. This is one of my (and other in-the-know experts) go-to picks for hearty classic roman pastas, like amatriciana and cacio e pepe, and one of the best plates of cicoria in town.

Eating in Rome

BarTaruga is now Bartaruga Enoteca
Piazza Mattei, 9
Via Dei Funari 26, 26a 
Tues-Sunday from 11:00 

Via Portico d'Ottavia 21/a
06 686 1105


  1. I had no idea there was a bar in Piazza Mattei, despite the huge number of times I've walked through it... Perhaps it shows that I'm too focused on the clothing store (Uno Boutique) when I'm there. In any case, this place looks cool and I'm definitely going to check it out sometime!

  2. Has it been closed for a while? Every time I walk past it's closed, or does it just have selective opening hours? I've been wanting to go for ages!

    1. @ Catherine - I think it does have capricious opening hours.


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