Coffee in Rome {B>Gallery + Trastevere }

While it is true, I am very much a creature of habit, I really do enjoy exploring new places. I also enjoy rare mornings spent chit-chatting with very clever friends over morning coffee.

My very clever friend Jeannie invited me to a place she had discovered in the large, open Piazza Santa Cecila in Trastevere.

The sunshine streams in, there are comfy chairs, great coffee and pastries, terrific music playing and walls lined with beautiful photography and design books. What's not to like.

Whenever I am over on this side of the river I pay a visit to the shrine of the beautiful Santa Cecila. She is the patron saint of musicians. With college applications just around the corner for the musician in my house, I figure a quick pilgrimage can't hurt.

Piazza Di Santa Cecilia 16
Open from 8:30 am


  1. It is a very nice café, indeed. I remember being offered a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast there and it was enormous (and good).

  2. My hairdresser is right next door to the cafe! Mario at MariPier. Color genius!

  3. One-stop coffee and pilgrimage! That's why we love Rome :)

  4. I've walked past that cafe many times but have never been inside. Now I have to check it out.

    Santa Cecilia is one of my favorite churches in Rome.

  5. I must go! I am definitely turning into mio Nonno, he loved Roman Catholic Churches. Ironically, he was English and Anglican, so he liked the artistry. He was a crack up.

    I've seen the same sort of image of here in the Catacombs as well. I will have to check it out!

  6. gillian

    there is a cute bar which i recently discovered on the via genova i think it is nearing the end of the street on the left side, walking to the river. the guys inside are very nice, has locals popping in and sitting at the tables in the back where you can get your coffee and sit for free! I've enjoyed it on a few occasions recently. i'll have to get name of it. it is across from sort of a small grocery store.
    hope all is well - jane

  7. September 2015.... Walked some way for this recommended cafe, needed a good coffee.
    Cafe nowhere to be seen... Reckon it has closed down .... Pity that Gillian's list is not dated. Norms

  8. Not Unknown blogger... The comment above was from me.... Norman Englender

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know. This post is from March 2013 (the date is on the top) I will go go over to Trastevere and confirm that this place has closed this week.


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