Summer in Rome

Summer in Rome

Summer in Rome

It is summer in Rome. My boy is home. The days are hot and lazy. Life here has a markedly slower pace for the next few months. 

I have a few trips planned; Back to Capri where I plan on doing not very much; To the Amalfi and Cilento Coasts to visit national parks, ancient ruins, fish for anchovies and eat as much mozzarella as possible; A weekend in Ponza for the festival of San Silverio and a few art filled days in Venice

I will not be posting here on my regular weekly Wednesday and Friday schedule, but a bit more sporadically. You can still follow along with me on my adventures over on Instagram. Meanwhile here are a few of my favorite summer things.

If the heat in Rome is getting to you go shopping at Eataly or have a meal at Beppe, both places have excellent AC. 

Museums are usually cool and crowd free

Eat gelato, order a shakerato or go to the beach

When the sun sets, Catch Noah at open mic or go see this super fun comedy on the edge of the Roman Forum. 

Don't worry, I'll be back in September with loads of new things to tell you about.

What are your summer plans? 

Summer in Rome

Summer in Rome


  1. Sounds lovely. Have a wonderful summer Gillian! I will be anxiously waiting to hear your Italy tid-bits and adventures and will live vicariously through you (more than normal) since we are moving back to the US this summer. xo Heather


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