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Dal Paino {Pizza in Rome} 2019 UPDATE CLOSED

Pizza in Rome

Pizza in Rome

It's that time of year again. Goodbye season. The round of cocktail parties and lunches and dinners has begun. It is one of my least favorite parts of this nomadic life of mine. Technology has dramatically eased the distance. I know I can keep up on Facebook and Instagram, but it is still no fun. 

The other night after a negroni fueled goodbye get-together we decided it was kind of late and we were kind of hungry. It was Saturday and we were in Piazza Navona. Ugh. And then I remembered a simple pizzeria that Noah's piano teacher had taken us to years ago. He had referred to it as his greasy spoon. Dal Paino was exactly what we were looking for.

This is a simple place with paper table cloths and is run by the much more famous pizzeria Bafetto's son. We ordered a few fried things and a few cold beers and planned how to meet up later in the summer somewhere on the east coast. 

The thin-crusted Roman-style pizza arrive on battered metal pans swift and hot. We finished them almost as quickly as they had arrived. I hope this year's round of goodbyes are as fast and easy.
Pizza in Rome

Pizza in Rome

Pizza in Rome

Pizza in Rome

Via di Parione, 34
06 68 35140
Open for lunch and dinner
Closed Wednesday