Drinking in Naples

drinking in Naples

drinking in Naples

It wasn't all work and pizza on my most recent trip to Naples. I managed to fit in a few cocktails and a lot of coffee too. These are some of my picks for the best places to drink in Naples. 

Gran Caffè La Caffettiera
Pizza dei Martiri 26 

A cold glass of prosecco in pretty piazza is a great thing to do no matter where you are in Italy.  In Naples the place to do this is at the Gran Caffe La Caffeteria in Piazza dei Marteri. White tablecloths, excellent snacks and ice cold drinks make this one of the most elegant place to sip in town. 

Gran Caffè Gambrinus
Via Chiaia 1/2 - Angolo Piazza Triste e Trento
This is one of my favorite places in Naples.  I love the giant Venetian chandeliers, the white coated waiters, the marble topped tables, the heavy silver. Come here for a quick shot of espresso at the bar in the morning, an old fashioned at cocktail hour or a late night limoncello. 

Vanilla Cafe
via Partenope 12G

The coffee in Naples is good.  Very good. If you want a traditional rich, dark shot head to a branch of Cafe Mexico or Il Vero Bar Professore. But if you are three American gals about to hike the length of the Lungomare and then climb up the hill in search of views over the bay a fancy coffee drink is on order. Vanilla Cafe serves all manner of such things, with chocolate or coconut or over ice or with whipped cream. It is rare I desire such a froofy drink, but when I do this place hits the spot. 

Enoteca Belle Donna 
Vico Belledonne a Chiaia 18

Much of life in Naples is lived on the street. The tiny vico de Belledonne is filled with enoteche to stop and have a beer, glass of wine or prosecco. Find a bench to sit or lean against a wall and take in the lively scene. A particular favorite is Enoteca Belle Donna where you can order from a window on the street. 

drinking in Naples

drinking in Naples


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