Best Breakfast in Positano {Bar Buca di Bacco}

Breakfast in Positano

When I am in Positano my favorite breakfast is at the beach bar at the Buca di Baco Hotel. Located right on the Spiagga Grande, the day here begins with a mix of locals getting ready for a day of leading boat tours and selling beach frocks discussing the news of the day with the garrulous baristas. 

I order a light as air sweet brioche that is dotted with a crunchy sugar crust and a cappuccino freddo that is made in a tall thin glass filled with icy sweetened coffee granita and drowned in cold fresh milk.

It is the perfect start to a Positano summer day.

Breakfast in Positano

Via Rampa Teglia, 4

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  1. Could not agree more! In fact I thought of you when I took a picture of our coffee freddo con latte and brioche the first morning. I love sitting and watching the locals getting the town set up every morning.
    After having one every morning for a week (except when we were in Raito), it is killing me to not have one this morning!


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