Sunday Morning Breakfast {Pando + Istanbul}

Breakfast in Istanbul

Breakfast in Istanbul

We recently took a very brief trip to Istanbul. We have been scheming to get back to this exciting city on the Bosphorus straight since we had a 24 hour layover a few years ago on our way to Cape Town.

This time we had just a little more than 48 hours, but we managed to squeeze in visits to two continents, a little bit of shopping, lots of good meals and kilometers of walking.

Over the next few posts I will share where we went and what we ate and what we saw along the way.

First up  - Breakfast at Pando Kaymak.

I have been hearing about the wonder that is breakfast at Besiktas Kaymakci aka Pando Kaymak for years. 

Everything you read about this place says it's worth the trip and every bit as good as you have heard. Here is another one of those posts.

It required waking up early on a Sunday morning and a brief taxi ride. The front desk of our hotel was concerned that we knew this was a simple, local place. One she was assured that we knew what was what, she organized a taxi and off we went onto the sleepy weekend streets. Even our taxi driver had to ask how to find it. Look just past fish market for the fogged over, blue framed window.

Pando himself was having his breakfast and quickly cleared his plate and made room for us to sit down. Plates of honey drizzled Kaymak - a kind of clotted cream made from fresh water buffalo milk -  and fried eggs and sausage and traditional Turkish tea in tulip shaped glasses were quickly served. Even the dairy disliking teenager was licking his spoon.

Breakfast in Istanbul

Breakfast in Istanbul

Breakfast in Istanbul

Breakfast in Istanbul

It is every bit as delicious as ever single article, blog post, and app entry says it is.

There is a tiny bit of English spoken.

Koyici Meydani Sok., Besiktas     
Telephone: 212-258-2616


  1. Holy smokes, delicious! This looks like an incredible, exotic version of pancakes, eggs and sausage. Drooling.


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