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Coffee in Rome {Pasticceria Dagnino + Vine}

Coffee in Rome

There is a new kid in Social Media Town.  

Vine is a new service that allows you to create tiny, six second videos that play on loop that you share in a feed like Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.  Oh great, I thought.  Another thing I have to keep up with.  Of course what I really think is, it is really really fun. Now instead of thinking about what I am doing in 140 characters or as a filterable image, I think how would this look as a 6 second video. 

Here is a look at one of my favorite coffee spots in Rome, Dagnino, featuring my favorite part of the bar ritual, the clanking of the coffee cups. 

Dagnino is a Sicilan Bar, filled with Sicilian treats, with plenty of old school, retro charm. There are baristas in white jackets and lots of polished marble and burnished silver.

My favorite thing to get there is a breakfast cappuccino and a ricotta filled cornetto. It is a great spot for a quick stand up at the bar cup of coffee or a leisurely mid-afternoon pot of Mariage Freres tea at a table, or the place to get a tray of Sicilian pastries - like chocolate chip studded ricotta filled canoli.  

In winter there is hot chocolate made with Modica style chocolate. In summer there is cold, sweet tea, almost like my mother makes. 

Coffee in Rome

Coffee in Rome

Coffee in Rome

Coffee in Rome

Galleria Esedra 

Via V. Emanuele Orlando, 75

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