Dreaming of Napoli {Gillian's Links}

View of the Bay of Naples

Vesuvio, Beautiful, haunting and emotional. Kind of like Naples.

I have been binge watching the Sopranos for the past few weeks. (and FYI, it is just as fabulous 14 years later and the second time around, sometimes it is even better knowing what is coming and watching how they lead up to to it.)

There is a song that is played in a number of episodes that I can not get out of my head.  This live version of a tour that came from the amazing film, Passione, is kind of amazing. 

It Totally Could Happen 

There is a video going around that turns out to have been an ad, but a trick or not it's pretty entertaining.

A Quick Fix


I need a Naples fix, but we are off for a few days in Istanbul, so an actual trip will have to wait a little while. To tide me over until I go south,  I head to Vyta cafe in Termini station (at the Beehive end) where they have sfogliatelle sent up from the famous Scaturchio bakery every morning.  It's the next best thing.


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