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High On the Green Hill {Cafe Vert + Rome}

You probably know I rarely leave my neighborhood. That said, as much as I love Monti I also love exploring.

My very busy friend Elizabeth lives high up on a hill in the quiet neighborhood north of Trastevere in Monteverde. Elizabeth spent this past summer overseeing a tiresome,
long past schedule, very hot renovation, during which she discovered Cafe Vert.

Cafe Vert served as an oasis of calm and wifi during her disruptive summer.

A few weeks ago I headed up the hill to check it out.

It is charming. The tabletops are original maps of the Monteverde neighborhood.  The food is fresh and seasonal.  When I visited on a cold, gray day there were warming soups and hearty pasta dishes with pumpkin and porcini mushrooms.  In summer, Elizabeth recharged with healthy salads and juices.  There is also great beer selection.

For the hungry expat there is a Saturday brunch, with eggs and pancakes.

I have struggled to find a good place for a cup of tea in Rome.  Often the teapot is only filled halfway with tepid water and a sad lipton tea bag.  Cafe Vert is a perfect spot for an afternoon tea and muffin break (the muffins are made by a neighborhood local, American baker Larry and bear no relation to the sawdust dry muffins you often find in Rome) and best of all the teapots are large and filled to the top with boiling hot water.

Cafe Vert
Via Anton Giulio Barrili 47-47/a (Monteverde Vecchio)
Monday - Saturday 7:30 alle 21:30


  1. Reason enough to hang out in Monteverde, thanks for this!

  2. I'm new (ish) to Monte Verde, so will definitely pop in and check it out.

  3. super cute place but their prices are a bit ridiculous. 2 euros for a mini sandwich (smaller than the size of a credit card) with cicoria and a sun-dried tomato is absurd.