Peace and Quiet {Museums in Rome}

I recently had drinks and dinner with a group of friends, a polyglot mix of Americans, Canadians and Romans. One of the many lively conversations turned to space. Specifically how Rome can feel like it has very little of it. Apartments are small, sidewalks are crowded, traffic is tiresome, metro cars and buses are packed, lines (or lack there of) at the post office, the bakery, the very restaurant we were sitting in. You are confronted with people and personal space differences all day long.

I found a great place to take a break.

Go to the Centrale Montemartini in Ostiense. No lines, in fact no other people. At all. I was the only one there. I had the entire place to myself to wander the ancient roman sculptures and extraordinary mosaic floor set in the former power plant; boilers, engines and all.

There is currently an exhibit of Made in Italy fashion design from the past 60 years added to the industrial meets ancient mix. Exquisite pieces by Valentino and Ferrè, Etro and Pucci are on display throughout the space. I am still wishing the Valentino exhibit from years ago at the Ara Pacis was a permanent thing, so I just loved this.

An hour of quiet and ancient sculpture and you are ready to go back out the and fight the crowds.


Centrale Montemartini
via Ostiense 106

The 60 Years Made in Italy exhibit is on until October 28


  1. I love the idea of fashion mixed with ancient treasure and industrial design. Even these photos were like a little breath of peace and quiet!

  2. What's incredible about this museum is that the machines to produce the electricity, that are just 100 years old, seems much order that the statues that are several centuries older.


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