Art and Music {Rome}

One of Gatsby's Parties
Kelly in a nutshell 

This crisp fall weekend was filled with culture.

Friday evening was opening night of John Cabot University's Italy Reads program and The English Theater of Rome's performance of The Great Gatsby.
This lively interpretation of Fitzgerald's eponymous story is full of music and dancing. (in the name of full disclosure - The Teenager is one of the musical directors/performers) 

You, as part of the audience, are part of Gatsby's 
extravagant parties, moving from room to room with each scene change. 

There are plenty of chances left to see the show.  It is on for the next few weekends. Full details below. 

Saturdays activity was an art show by American plein air artist Kelly Medford. 

I love how Kelly sees Rome, seeking out overlooked corners and everyday sights. Her paintings capture the light and essence of this place we call home. She is in the middle of an amazing project, producing a painting a day. 

The show unfortunately finished, but you can take a look at the paintings here.  Make sure you sign up for the newsletter, each painting comes with the story from behind the scenes. It is always an absolute delight to find one in my inbox.   

The Stories Behind the Works 
Iconic Nasone
A flock of sheep, practically in the center of Rome

Abandoned Manicomio

Via Cibelle

Extraordinary Fireplace in the Villa 


The Great Gatsby - Four Parties and a Funeral

Friday, November 2 (8pm), Saturday, November 3 (6pm), Sunday, November 4 (6pm)
Saturday, November 10 (6pm), Sunday, Noveber 11 (6pm)

The English Theatre of Rome @ John Cabot University
VIA DELLA LUNGARA 233, (in Trastevere)
064441375, 34893555626
Kelly Medford 
Sign up for her newsletter here
Sign up for a sketch tour in Rome with Kelly here


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