Meetings in Rome {Cibando, Pinsere and my favorite gelato}

It is funny how you meet people.

Rome can sometimes be such a small town.  A few years ago the Teenagers fifth grade teacher introduced me to another one of her beloved students. Who it ends up, I had been reading her blog for ages!

You already know how much I love twitter and the connections it has afforded me and my friends. 

Cibando is a place where so many of these connections come together. 

Cibando is this really fabulous (Free) app that helps you navigate the many, many, many, places to eat in Rome (and beyond). The CEO, Guk and his glamourous business partner, Rubina are both graduates of the Teenagers high school, Eleanora was the first employee and we had all connected on twitter LONG before we met in person.  

Last week it all finally came together and twitter friends new and old got together and visited the chic and cheerful Cibando offices, ate swoon worthy pizza from this little place nearby called Pinsere (for all of the details go here for Diana's and here for Heather's take on how delicious that was)  

After all that chatting and pizza eating we really needed gelato.  Luckily there is one of the very best gelaterias in Rome, right around the corner. 

Come il Latte has fountains of chocolate, crispy sugar cones (none of that styrofoam ickiness here) and for me, best of all, the elusive salted caramel flavor.  Right now, it is my favorite gelato spot in town.

We need to plan another meeting though. There were a few people that were missing from the fun.


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via Flavia 98

Come il Latte
via Silvio Spaventa 24/26


  1. Thank you very much! What a wonderful post!
    We have shared it also on GooglePlus, are you in there?
    Let's connect!

  2. Grazie Gillian!! What a wonderful post, this is fabulous... we can actually do a Cibando Press Tour of the neighborhood's tasty delights :)


  3. Thank you Gillian! I want a pinsa so badly now!

  4. To reed your post it seem to really eat those things.
    I have to pay attetion otherwise I'm going to gain weight


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