My pal Diana over at Browsing Rome has a great post on delicious treats near Circo Massimo, the location of Coach G's famed bootcamp.

Here is another spot to add to the list.

Paulette on viale Aventino is a welcome twist on a traditional panino (remember: panino = one sandwich. panini = more than one sandwich)

The way it works here is you can mix and match to make a plate of a couple different small sandwiches or just one larger filled baguette. hot or cold.

Some of the choices the last time i visited included puntarelle and brie, mozzarella and  anchovies, speck and orange, turkey breast and  tomato.

There are also small delicious looking servings of tiramisu. (Coach G will be happy I passed them up. Me, I'm not so sure)

It is a small, casual space, but well organized with plenty of seating.

Paulette is not only for lunch. In the early evening there is aperitivo with tapas.


Paulette, viale Aventino 35, tel 06 5754526

Lifechanging Fitness - Coach G
next bootcamp starting April 30


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