Easter Eating

view of the umbrian hills
It has taken us a little while to warm up to Roman Easter. We usually kind of ignore it. Last year we moved during the holiday. It has been hard to let go of long lazy days in a tiny beach town on the coast near Durban.

This year we celebrated with style with who I refer to as Rome's Martha Stewart, Elizabeth Minchilli at her beautiful Umbrian country house Pergolaccio.

We ate, and chatted, and ate and laughed and ate again.

still thinking about the salad made with this freshly picked cavolo nero 

 checking the oven

enough potatoes?

in the garden


there was egg decorating!

There might have been some wine in there too.

wine. and chocolate chicken

oh. and chocolate.

How did you spend the long weekend?


THANK YOU to Rick at Noi Salon for his chauffeur services

Fabulous books to buy

other accommodation information 

Poggio Asprolisette - near Pergolaccio
La Villa Torre Alfina  - near Orvieto 


  1. It was a complete pleasure having you there! You forgot to mention music (thanks to Noah) and EXPERT potato chopping and salami slicing. That made all the difference. xxoo


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