How to survive a Roman Heatwave

How to survive a Roman Heatwave

How to survive a Roman Heatwave

Rome is hot right now. More than regular summer hot, which I really enjoy, but more like nothing is fun after five minutes outside hot. Which is kind of a drag. I follow the Roman rhythms and try to run my errands early in the morning and spend the hottest part of the day inside with the windows and shutters shut tight, venturing out again when the sun sets and there is usually a breeze. Here are a few more things I have been doing to get through the heatwave

You have to give the Italians extra credit for literary flair. The current heatwave is named Flegetonte, which Dante described as a river of blood that boiled souls. He's not wrong. 

Hot Yoga

Yep. I know it sounds like the definition of insanity, but a morning session of Hot Vinyasa Flow somehow works the opposite effect. Promise.

Cold Coffee

I like coffee. And I really need my fix, but a steamy cup is just not that appetizing when the thermometer reads 35+. In the morning I ask for a Cappuccino Freddo which is like a cold coffee milkshake and in the afternoon a Shakerato is just the right amount of cold and buzz. If I am feeling really decadent a granita de cafe with cold whipped cream eaten in the shade of the Pantheon is my go to treat.

Dive In

Before we (finally) bought a pinguino, a portable air conditioning unit, I spent most of my days beside the pop up pool near the colosseum. I haven't been yet this year, but since Il Meteo says this these temps are sticking around for a while I think I may be setting up shop poolside this week.

A Mare

I am a beach girl. I love the beach any time of year, but on a sweltering Sunday we leave Rome first thing in the morning and stay at the beach until sunset. The sea breeze, a good book, a big umbrella, a long lunch with plenty of cold Pecorino and plates of fried moscardini are some of my absolute favorite summer weekend things.

After Dark

Cold cocktails (Negronis seem to always come with a lot of ice cubes) once the sun sets are sure to cool you off. If cocktails are not your thing grattachecca, the Roman version of snow cones, work too. Take a walk along the Tevere where there are stands set up with shops, cocktail bars, games and restaurants.

How to survive a Roman Heatwave

How to survive a Roman Heatwave

How to survive a Roman Heatwave

How to survive a Roman Heatwave


  1. Fabulous blog Gillian. I felt cooler just reading it. It is sweltering here in the Veneto too, and muggy to boot. I am also indoors with the windows and shutters tightly closed and a fan positioned about two feet away from my head. Air conditioning in the evenings for me. I try to stick it out during the day - if possible. Best to you. Orna


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