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Fountains in Rome

Fountains in Rome

Fountains in Rome

Did you know that Rome has 2,000 fountains? The eternal city's most famous fountain is currently hidden under all kinds of scaffolding. If you visit the Trevi Fountain now you will find the water has all been drained and that there is a long line to walk across one very narrow walkway to see a few details up close. It is not really very pretty and even less photogenic. While you can still swing by and toss your coins in,  here are a few suggestions for my favorite alternative fountains in Rome.

Piazza Madonna dei Monti

Recently the scene of a scandalous bacchanalian dip by a few French visitors, this is my neighborhood meeting spot. I like it in all it's many personalities; Quiet with just a few locals reading the paper on a summer morning, filled with dogs and children on a fall afternoon and busy with hipsters on any Saturday night

Fontana Tartuaga

This whimsical fountain in a quiet piazza that is on my walk home always makes me smile. The cheeky boys with realistic turtles in their hands show the timeless nature of adolescence. Legend has it that this Renaissance jewel was constructed overnight to impress a disapproving future father-in-law. 

Fontana di Tritone

Fresh from it's own deep cleaning, I love how the Bernini Baroque curves contrast with the strict straight lines of the nearby 1930's era hotel.

Fontana dell'Acqua Paola

Climb up to the Gianicolo for a little Grande Bellezza. Once the only water source for this part of Rome, now the large fountain is a stunning backdrop to one of the best views of Rome. Rest on a travertine bench and have your own la dolce vita moment.

Fountains in Rome

Fountains in Rome

Fountains in Rome

Fountains in Rome

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