Where to Stay on Cape Cod {Woods Hold Passage}

where to stay on Cape Cod

where to stay on Cape Cod

Sometimes you want an adventurous vacation. Somewhere new and exciting and bold. Sometime you want your comfortable standbys. To end this exciting summer we were looking for something in-between the two.

Cape Cod, about two hours from Boston, was a new destination for us and Woods Hole Passage is a comfortable as your best friends house where she left you the key and a full refrigerator. In a word Perfect.

Set back from the road, Martha and Julie's quintessential Cape Cod red house is rambling with a large, green garden and filled with maps, snacks and foraged beach treasure. We dropped our bags and then sat in that peaceful garden with cold IPA's from local breweries while we plotted our last few days in the the States. (Stay tuned for tales of baby turtles and great food and perfect sunsets)

It was hard to leave our room on the top floor with it's high ceiling, luxurious linens and a stack of my favorite books. But I knew that if I wanted to see even a glimpse of the more than 550 miles of coastline on this 65 mile sliver of land I had to get up early. Luckily that was pretty easy.

Breakfast, prepared by Martha, was the highlight of the day. We ate cool cantaloupe spiked with lime and ginger and topped with fresh  berries (by fresh I mean I watched them being picked by the couples winsome daughter.)  Almond studded french toast,  thyme roasted plums with greek yogurt and a Quiche Lorraine that was eggy, porky deliciousness. While we feasted and drank our coffee in the early fall sunshine, Martha shared her Cape Cod wisdom giving us advice on where to go what to eat and what route to take.

Woods Hole Passage is located close to Woods Hole Harbor and the town of Falmouth and bike trails, beaches and kayaking spots.

Like Goldilocks finds in her fairytale search, Cape Cod and Woods Hole Passage are just right.

where to stay on Cape Cod

where to stay on Cape Cod

where to stay on Cape Cod

Woods Hole Passage
186 Woods Hole Road
Woods Hole, Falmouth
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

We were guests of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and Woods Hold Passage, but all opinion are my own.


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