Coffee + Gelato in Rome { Gelateria Fiocco di Neve}

coffee + Gelato in Rome

It's mid afternoon in Rome and you need a lift. Coffee? Gelato? How about both!

Gelateria Fiocco di Neve is located on a side street near the Pantheon. This tiny shop has all kinds of gelato flavors to chose from, but the thing I like best here is an "affogato". This is scoop of gelato(the standout here is zabaglione) with a strong espresso poured on top. It combines two of the best things Rome has to offer. 

Gelato and coffee. Why should you have to chose. 

coffee + Gelato in Rome

coffee + Gelato in Rome

Gelateria Fiocco di Neve
Via del Pantheon 51
06 6786025


  1. These are just the things I'm looking forward to! ;) Hope your week is starting of right... from the looks of it, it is! XO


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