A look back at La Dolce Vita {Gillian's List of Links}

Piazza del Popolo // Rome

Rome is all about history, But usually you are thinking ancient ruins and Baroque art. Here are a few videos and slide shows of slightly less old Rome that give you a glimpse of how much things have and have not changes in this stupendous miserable eternal city. 

Imagine if there was still a drive-thru in Rome. "You can see how the Dolce Vita Romans have taken to to the cinema of tomorrow and added to their envious list of civilized amenities and developments of lush living." 

Gasp at the now politically incorrect observations the British make of the Romans in this clip "If you don't like it. Don't go there." 

While not all in Rome, these shots from all over Italy in the 1980's are a wonderful journey back in time yet also timeless. 

Charles Traub // Living La Dolce Vita: Vibrant, Colorful Photos of Italy in the 1980s


  1. Gasping here in Los Angeles. The narrator just hits the most extraordinarily Reaganesque notes. Surely the capper is "it's not a misery to he poor in this climate, many people choose it through laziness..." Oh my. I just love the videos. The drive-in theater brought back lots of memories of our own Olympic Drive-In here in Los Angeles. Back in the fifties it was our family's idea of a terrific night out. Thanks, Gillian!

    1. I loved going to the drive-in as a kid. When my son was small there was a wonderful old-fashioned one in Durban.

  2. I love these photos! What is it about older photos like this that look SO glamorous? I'm so glad I found you before our upcoming trip, and I can't believe you grew up outside Knoxville! Where abouts? I was in Maryville. I love the internet! :)

    1. The world is very small! I grew up in Oak Ridge and went to high school in Knoxville.


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