Hamburgers in Rome {Quarto}

Last year my good pal Annie tweeted me that she had found the  Best Hamburger in Rome in the Prati neighborhood.  It took me a little while but I finally joined my friends, Diana, Heather and Nathalie to see if I agreed with the Scooter Maven's bold claim.

Things started out great with a silver cup of fresh potato chips arriving at our table almost as soon as we sat down.  We were skillfully upsold (this is a skill I admire - really) a quite nice order of chicken strips served with a side of with a tangy homemade BBQ sauce.

The classic bacon cheeseburgers were a little overdone and a little dry. Sadly the advertised genuine cheddar cheese was Kraft slices.  There is apparently no Superbowl Velveeta shortage here! The bacon was perfectly crisp and plentiful. A rare thing to find in Rome, the hamburger bun was perfect. It was  soft and did not dissolve into crumbs. Nathalie's lamb burger made with mint, zucchini and stracchino and the Calabrese burger was topped with a hefty dose of n'duja and steamed brocoletti.  Both of these specialty burgers were met with much approval. 

Dessert was a delicious and very sharable order of profiteroles that had the nice surprise of chunks of crunchy meringue tucked beneath the rich chocolate sauce. 

While I may not agree with Annie's declaration of Quarto being the best hamburger in Rome, for that I am loving the burger (and martinis) at Baccano and am very happy that the team at Tricolore are back in the burger cooking business, it is certainly worth a visit for the more creative burgers and the very friendly, helpful service. 

via Crescenzio 52
Monday-Sunday open for Lunch and Dinner

You can read about other spots I love for a burgers here and in my App Rome for Expats.


  1. Thanks for the post, just around the corner from me. Will give it a try and Boccano too - did you hear that they might be opening another branch in Prati?

    1. I just heard about the new spot in Prati. It will be called La Zanzara and should be opening at the end of this week!

  2. Hello Gillian! I must admit I too followed the hype and went to try out Quarto a while ago. Unfortunately, both me and my husband were thoroughly disappointed. The decor, the food, the attitude: all was mediocre and it felt like they were trying too hard..
    But I can recommend another place we found a while ago, in case you have not heard of it yet: Ferrovecchio in Via dei Sabelli (san Lorenzo). We walked in at 4pm for a very late lunch (a very difficult thing to find in Rome) and we loved the place. The girl who welcomed us (owner?) was incredibly friendly and helpful, answering all our questions, chatting away but without being pushy or overboard. The decor was really cool and reflected the original nature of the place, the food was great (we had a Ferrovecchio burger and a salmon Burger with home-made crisps), they have a great choice of birre artigianali and the cakes looked amazing - but we did not dare to try them out..we couldn't handle another bite! (though the strudel was fresh out of the oven and was a true temptation)
    At the moment Ferrovecchio is my number one spot for burgers, together with Kilo (via Tirso -amazing quality meat)

    1. Thank you so much for your suggestion, I love a new place to try! That salmon burger sounds fab.


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