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Open Door Bookshop // Rome // Trastevere

I have always been a bookworm. I have, ok Mark has, carted many cubic feet of books across oceans to multiple continents. The first thing I do when I move into a new house is fill the bookshelves. It is the only way to make a new place feel like home. There are stacks of books beside my bed, in the kitchen, on my desk, on the hall table. Pretty much any flat surface has a stack of books. There is somehow always space for a new stack. These are my favorite places to buy books in Rome.

Anglo American Bookstore
via della Vite 102

This bookstore located near the Spanish Steps is the best spot if you are looking for something more on the academic side. You will find sections on economics and history and art. It's not for serious though, You can find bestsellers and there is a very good children’s section here.

Open Door Bookshop
via Lungaretta 23

I love this spot. In this age of kindles and iPads this slightly dusty space filled with books stacked in precarious piles on every surface is a fading pleasure. You never know what you will find in here. Come here on a rainy day and wile away an hour browsing the titles. There are books in English, Italian, French and Spanish.  There is usually a very good selection of recent bestsellers/bookclub reads at great prices.

Feltrinelli International
via V.E. Orlando 84/86

Just around the corner from Piazza della Repubblica (and one of my favorite bars in Rome) is the largest selection of English language books around. You can find bestsellers, mysteries, children’s books and downstairs are the language textbooks.They offer an extensive cookbook and travel guide section. Other branches, notably the one at Largo Argentina, in town usually have a small section hidden away somewhere.

Almost Corner Bookshop
via del Moro 45
This tiny shop on a picturesque street in Trastevere has a broad selection of good things to read.  The owners will order anything you can't find on the shelves.  There is a small children’s selection.

As much as I love wandering in bookstores, I also really like staying at home. I can order just about any book I want (or a vacuum cleaner, new camera, usb sticks etc…) from Amazon.it and it is delivered to my door via courier sometimes the very next day. No trip to the post office required. 

This past summer I finally got myself a kindle.  You can’t read an iPad at the beach. First world problems I know. While there are certain titles I absolutely must have in print, a Hunger Games installment or summer bestseller are perfectly fine to have an electronic version of. I bought my Kindle from amazon.it and registered it with my US amazon account. It works like a charm. 

You can read more about some books I love here and there is more information on where to buy books in Rome on my app Rome for Expats


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