Hamburgers and Martinis in Rome {Rosso}

This week there will be a lot of Thanksgiving feasting.  Next week there will be a lot of leftovers and then there will be at least a few days of meals consisting mostly of roasted vegetables.  After that, I am sure I will be craving a rare juicy burger and an ice cold gin martini.

Rosso opened over the summer across the street from FAO, converting what was kind of a post work cocktail and dinner dead zone into a friendly happening spot. My husband Mark, who rarely leaves his desk for lunch, has even made a few trips beyond the 5th floor vending machine and reports the lunch buffet is fast and fresh. After my visit for a celebratory meal, I can report that the burgers are great and the martini's crisp and cold.

viale Aventino 32
Open everyday from 07:00-01:00


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