Best Hamburger in Florence {Lungarno 23)

Best Hamburger in Florence

Best Hamburger in Florence

As regular visitors to my blog no doubt know, I eat a lot of hamburgers in Rome. I am always on the lookout for a new delicious one to try.

I was recently invited to Tuscany as a participant in the Play Your Tuscany initiative (you can read all about the fun we had via the above link and very soon here) We saw beautiful and interesting things, stayed in hip and comfortable places and ate (a lot) of really good food. Now most of what we ate was pretty traditional Tuscan fare, pici pasta and rich hearty ragus made from beef or duck, lots of potato flan and roast pork stuffed with herbs. On the last night in Florence our hosts treated us to a burger and fries at the buzzy Lungarno 23 on the Oltrarno side of the river. 
The juicy burgers are made from Tuscan Chianina beef and ours were cooked to perfection. The fries are some of the best I have had in Italy.  The chocolate brownie like cake that was topped with chocolate whipped cream was sublime and surprisingly light.

If you are in Florence and looking for a break from pasta, cross over the Arno river and have a burger at Lungarno 23.  You will be happy you did. 

Best Hamburger in FlorenceBest Hamburger in Florence

Lungarno 23
Lungarno Torrigiani 23, Florence
Dinner every day
Lunch Saturday & Sunday

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  1. YUM! Ha I just wrapped up my 4 favorite burger joints and added this of course! Pretty good!


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